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First Penta Kill at Worlds – Top Plays in League of Legends in 2022.

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This year offers countless top plays in League of Legends. German pro Upset put down the first Penta kill at Worlds 2022

The Esports scene in League of Legends brought sensational plays to light again this year. In addition to the first Penta kill at the World Championship, star player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok caused a surprise.

Faker surprised by own ult

During the semifinals of Worlds 2022, T1 had to face JD Gaming. In the process, Faker chose the champion Azir. Especially his Ultimate is often difficult to use at the right time. However, during a clash with JD Gaming, the top player managed to take the team completely by surprise.

On the mid-lane, the two teams meet and after eliminating JD Gaming”s first player, Faker activates Azir”s Ultimate into the opposing team”s backline. As JD Gaming try to escape, they are thrown back into the fray thanks to the Ultimate and are eliminated as a result. Even Faker seems to have been surprised by the successful move.

Also, T1”s top player made for a sensational play at MSI 2022 against G2 Esports. Rasmus “Caps” Winther met Faker in the match and had a good chance to eliminate the top player. However, the star player with the Flash tricked the European pro by Faker escaping into the bush in an unexpected direction. In the end, the T1 player allowed himself to be taken out by a Turrent so that the opposing team would not be credited with the kill and thus gold.

First Penta kill at the Worlds

In the Summer Split of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), Fnatic mid-laner Marek “Humanoid” Brázda took on three opposing players at once. After Humanoid eliminated a Rogue player together with his teammate Martin “Wunder” Hansen, the two wanted to teleport back to their own base.

However, this was disrupted by the three remaining opposing players. Only Miracle made it back and Humanoid decided to fight the pros with Sylas. One by one, the Fnatic mid-laner eliminated the three champions and picked up another Triple Kill.

His teammate Elias “Upset” Lipp also picked up a multikill at Worlds 2022. However, the bot laner completed the first penta kill at the Worlds. In the match against Chiefs Esports Club, the German pro was able to grab all five players with Kalista as his team ran in the direction of the opposing Nexus.

Two against one – no thing!

During the Summer Split of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), pro Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok also ventured into a battle against several opposing players. At first, everything pointed to a one on one, but only a short time later, TheShy had to face off against two players from Victory Five.

The top laner survived the attack with very few health points and instead of retreating, TheShy attacked the two professionals. In the process, his passive effect activated and the champion becomes Mega-Gnar. This allows the top laner to first eliminate the one opposing player and finished off the second in the Turrent, subsequently defeating TheShy as well.

Just one more little hit

The current World Champions in League of Legends also provided a memorable play at the Worlds. In the quarter finals DRX had to play against EDward Gaming. The match went over five rounds. In the decisive game, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu surprised the crowd with a daring attack on the opponent”s Nexus. While EDward Gaming fought the rest of DRX”s team at the Drake, Deft tried to destroy the Nexus.

The professional almost even managed to do it and grabbed the victory for his team. However, the Nexus survived with only one life point as the Inhibitor regenerated. Deft was unable to make the final blow. The pro was interrupted by two players from EDward Gaming who had already been revived. Nevertheless, DRX was able to secure the victory in the end and thus entered the semi-finals of Worlds 2022.


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