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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cats and cowbells – These are the most annoying skins in LoL!

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The skin pool of Riot is getting bigger and bigger and with it the possibility of skins annoying the community is also growing!

You know this? You’re in the loading screen, you see your opponent’s skin and you’re already thinking: please don’t! Yep, it’s not just the player rank or champion that can put you off in League of Legends, there are also skins that sometimes you just don’t want to play.

Lux of Elements

This ultimate skin has an extensive animation set and can take on many forms within your game, depending on the elements you select in the game. Not only does the champion design change, but the abilities also look different depending on the element.

In some forms, it is harder to recognise, distinguish and dodge the abilities. Which can make playing against a Lux of the elements quite annoying.

The skin has even been banned in some competitions! But he’s not alone in that, the next skin on our list is also sometimes not allowed in big tournaments.

Headhunter Nidalee

With this skin, one thing in particular is annoying: the spear! Not only were there always bugs that made Nidalee’s weapon pretty much invisible…

She also seems to have a larger hitbox, which often makes dodging quite difficult.

And while we’re on the subject of cats, we also have to talk about another skin series that’s been annoying a lot of Reddit users in particular. And no, it’s not about Yuumi.

Cuddly kitties Rengar, Miaukai and Miaurick.
The cat and dog skins divide the LoL community, some find them cute or funny, others just annoying. It’s not about advantages in the game, but the overall concept.

Especially the cat skins of Rengar, Maokai and Yorick seem to strain the nerves of some LoL players a lot.

But why are the cat skins especially annoying? The dogs in the skin series were really animated as dogs for the skins, while the cats were just put into “cat costumes” and thus seem less serious.

Funny skins like these can quickly suggest to opponents and fellow players that you don’t take the game, and therefore the other players, too seriously.

This is especially annoying when you are playing Ranked and seriously trying to advance. This lack of seriousness also bothers many with the next skin.

Muhkuh Alistar

Even before Riot put the cat-like Vastaya Rengar in a cat costume, the developers gave the minotaur Alistar a cow costume. Similar to the cat skins, this skin is also meant to be rather funny and can be annoying with that alone.

But Moo Cow Alistar goes one better. He can also test your patience with a sound.

In a dance animation by Moo Alistar, he takes out a cowbell and begins to strike a beat. The sound of the bell is impossible to miss and can quickly get on your nerves as Alistar spams the dance.

Supergalactic Rumble

This skin is also about the sound, but not of a single dance, but of the champion’s voice.

Rumble’s voice can already be annoying without a skin, especially in the English version of League of Legends. But as the super-galactic Rumble, he talks in one go and brags all the time about how great he is. That can drive opponents up the wall pretty quickly.

League of Legends is basically a game that is known for players getting upset quickly. Some skins seem to fuel this, but of course it’s entirely subjective what annoys you personally and whether skins can upset you at all.

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