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Friday, September 30, 2022

GTA 6: The hacker is allegedly only 16 and no stranger to the game

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The leaker of GTA 6 has allegedly been identified. The British man, who is possibly only 16 years old, is said to have hacked many large companies in the past

This past Sunday, one of the most significant leaks in video game history took place when a hacker named Teapotuberhacker released heaps of stolen videos from Rockstar”s upcoming open-world title GTA 6:

Rockstar then confirmed on Monday that the footage was indeed from a stolen version of GTA 6. Now it is allegedly also known whose work is behind it.

Hacker said to be 16-year-old leader of known hacking group

Already on GTAForums.com, where the hacker posted the roughly 90 videos, Teapotuberhacker claimed to be the same person who had hacked Uber just days earlier.

Uber released an update on 19 September revealing more about the alleged hacker: according to Uber, the FBI and the US Department of Justice are currently investigating the cyberattack. The company also writes that it is believed to be the same perpetrator who penetrated the Rockstar Games corporate network.

Furthermore, according to Uber, the attacker is believed to be the leader of the hacking group called Lapsus$ which is responsible for illegally accessing data from major companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta.

As reported by the website The Gamer the admin of the hacker forum Breached.to is said to have revealed more about the hacker: He is said to be known in the scene under the nickname White and is only 16 years old . YouTuber LegacyKillerHD also claims to have obtained this information:

White was allegedly arrested as early as December 2021 for his links to Lapsus$, but was released after being questioned. In April, he was allegedly arrested again and subsequently banned from the internet for one month.

Whether it is really one and the same person has not yet been fully clarified. However, the investigations are apparently in full swing.


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