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Friday, September 24, 2021

You will soon be able to make Assassin’s Creed Valhalla much harder

AC Valhalla will soon get level scaling with a patch – if you want it. How challenging the enemies will be is up to you to decide.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will receive the new patch 1.3.0 on 27 July, which will integrate level scaling into the game. You will then be able to adjust the enemy difficulty in detail and make the game experience much crisper if you want.

In the menu, under Combat, there are then six setting options available – from switched off to nightmare:

Crackier fights on demand

Level scaling adjusts how challenging the individual territories are with their opponents – so on “Nightmare” you can expect fights that are tough. If you switch it off, the challenge is based on the specified level of the region, as before.

The massive fights are fun even with one or a superior Eivor, because you are basically allowed to bombard the enemies with different weapons and skills or eliminate them silently. because our character quickly collects enough skill points to exceed the required area level.

Levelscaling is a good way to get around this and experience the whole game as a challenge if you crave something more challenging. For colleague Peter, the game experience of Valhalla was just right because it gave him what he desperately needed during the pandemic.

By the way, you can find out which not-so-unlikely features we desperately want for Valhalla in the future here in the video:


What else does the patch bring?

After the last big updates, we have upgraded AC Valhalla because the worst mistakes have been corrected. Nevertheless, there are still some game bugs that upcoming patches are supposed to fix. Level Scaling will therefore almost certainly have bug fixes in store at the end of July. Ubisoft presents what is currently being worked on in the overview of known problems.

The following fixes are currently planned for Patch 1.3.0:

– Mastery Challenge: Eivor should no longer get stuck in the animation at the first shrine.
– In “The Abbot’s Gambit” we should be able to interact with the NPCs in the Inn again.
– The Banshee World event can hopefully be started or ended normally again.
– In Saint Faith, Eivor will be able to interact with the NPC again.
– In Wrath of the Druids, players should be able to pick up keys and King’s Pass again during Courting the Kings.
– Missing Ostara items after patch 1.2.2 should be restored. In addition, you should no longer only receive silver from small chests and be allowed to use an adjusted controller scheme again.

In addition, Ubisoft lists other known bugs that will not be addressed with the next update, however. In addition to upcoming patches, the next DLC Siege of Paris is also in the starting blocks and will apparently be released soon.

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