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The WoW expansion “Shadowlands” has finally got a start date after a surprising postponement. The chief producer thanks the community for their patience.

The wait for World of Warcraft “Shadowlands” has come to an end. The expansion will already be available in Germany on November 24th. This should then be activated from 0:00 o’clock of our time.

The pre-patch for the expansion has been on the servers for quite some time. But with the 24th of November the many new contents will be on the servers.

In addition a world map with the publication dates for each region:

For all who need a magnifying glass:

John Hight, the executive producer of World of Warcraft, announced the news with this tweet.

Here he thanks the WoW community for their kindness and patience. He also praises all involved developers who made it possible to round off Shadowlands. The time gained has improved the game and strengthened the endgame. Finally, he emphasizes that they will continue to work on improvements of the game for the benefit of the players.


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