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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

World War 3 shows how realistic the uniforms of SEALs, Spetsnaz, KSK & Co. become

In the latest trailer for World War 3, the developers of The Farm 51 explain how they scan and digitise real objects in order to transfer the most authentic weapons, uniforms, holsters, bags and other military equipment possible into the game.

Various outfits of soldiers from the Polish GROM, US Navy SEALs, the German KSK and the Russian GRU Speznas are shown. Camouflage patterns and clothing can be freely combined in the customisation menu, the makers said.

World War 3 had appeared in Early Access in 2018, but quickly crashed and was ultimately removed from sale. After extensive rebuilding work, the re-launch was announced in 2021 with a 5-minute trailer showing overhauled gameplay.

There is no release date yet. Many of the new features are reminiscent of BF2042.


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