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Vampire Survivors meets Among Us

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The popular roguelike hit  “Vampire Survivors” announces an exciting collaboration with the hit game “Among Us”, which will be released in the form of a new DLC called “Emergency Meeting”. Indie developer poncle, in collaboration with Innersloth, the studio behind “Among Us”, has integrated nine iconic crewmates into the game. The characters have been reinterpreted to fit perfectly into the world of “Vampire Survivors”, while still being recognizable to fans of “Among Us.”

The DLC promises a wealth of new content, including nine playable characters with different clothing styles and accessories, 15 new weapons, an additional stage, achievements, new music and an exciting adventure. The accompanying trailer shows how the colorful “Among Us” characters encounter the world of “Vampire Survivors”, face armed challenges and finally fight a boss.

“Emergency Meeting” will be released on December 18 for Steam and Xbox, while players on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms will have to wait a little longer. The DLC not only brings a breath of fresh air, but also the first sections of the highly anticipated “Vampire Survivors” story mode. The “Adventures” already offer some passages of the story mode and will be further expanded in the future, offering players several self-contained stories and new combinations of content.

The DLC “Emergency Meeting” is not only interesting for story fans, but also offers new challenges and rewards for existing players. For those who want to experience the characters from “Among Us”, a small financial investment is required. The developers have also integrated parts of the story mode into the base game to give all players a taste of the adventures to come. The release of the DLC coincides with the availability of sections of the story mode, further enriching the gameplay experience of “Vampire Survivors.”


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