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Sunday, September 26, 2021

“Vampire Borderlands” with Open World & Singleplayer: Details about Redfall leaked

Leaked info paints a more accurate picture of how the shooter from the Deathloop and Dishonored makers will play.

After the announcement of Redfall at E3 2021, it was quiet about the vampire shooter for a while. Now there are a lot of news, but they are not official: Info and pictures, which apparently come from an early test version, have surfaced on the net.

We summarise everything worth knowing here, but warn at the same time: None of this has been confirmed by the manufacturer and should still be treated with caution. However, the source also backs up its statements with screenshots from the game.

Like Borderlands: Loot, Boss & Co.

Redfall seems to draw inspiration from the Borderlands series for long stretches and is said to play very similar in principle: There’s loot, boss fights and heaps of side quests and tasks along the way to underpin the main story. Killed enemies and completed missions are rewarded with XP and valuable new loot.

Equipment is graded in five degrees of rarity, so you collect weapons from, for example, “common” to “epic rare”, as in similar loot shooters. You can buy additional items from a trader and weapons have a scrap value, which could indicate crafting.

The arsenal ranges from conventional rifles, revolvers & Co. to wacky vampire hunter models such as a UV light cannon or a stake gun (Painkiller sends its regards).

Like Ghost of Tsushima: The Open World

The open game world of Redfall is supposed to be seamless and apparently accessible without loading interruptions and comparable to Ghost of Tsushima and Fallout 76 in terms of size. When it comes to hero selection, there are two possible districts to choose from, but no details are available.

Boss fights, story missions and side quests will take place in the open world. It is populated by various enemy types such as vampires and hostile humans, which occur in ranged and melee variants.

Heroes, co-op & solo mode

In total, there will be six different heroes, all with their own special ability such as teleportation, invisibility or a combat drone as a companion. The official trailer already shows four characters and their skills:

As with Borderlands, you should be able to play all of Redfall’s content in single player as well as in co-op. Those who go off alone will not be provided with AI comrades, but will have to tackle the battles solo.

On the other hand, it should be possible to complete missions secretly with a stealth focus instead of always firing loudly right away. Redfall is scheduled for release in summer 2022 for Xbox Series X and S as well as PC. The title is being developed by Arkane, who are known for Prey and Dishonored and will soon be releasing Deathloop.


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