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Since the release of VALORANT and the new map Ascent, players are looking for new strategies. As it turns out, Sova seems to be indispensable on the map.

For many players the new map Ascent is already the best map in VALORANT. It offers a good mix of narrow corridors and open areas and seems less twisty than Split, for example.

There are also many places where wallbangs seem to be a strong strategy. This is where Agent Sova comes into play. With its reconnaissance missiles and the owl drone, the hunter can mark enemies through walls.

Reddit-User SofaFN shows us what happens when you combine many thin walls with a wall hack. In the one-minute clip he shows how Sova can take out entire teams of opponents through walls all by herself.

The strategy currently seems to be too strong. If and how Riot Games plans to fix the problem is not known yet.


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