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Currently Riots Shooter is still in closed beta. So what better time to draw attention to exploits that could turn every match upside down?
There are a number of bugs currently appearing in the VALORANT community that allow players to stay off the map. Since many of the textures are only visible from one side, this allows players to shoot at players undetected. These are Wall Breaches.

Players have also discovered so-called slides, which allow some agents to slide up walls and gain unfair positional advantages. The agents in question so far are Omen, Jett and Phoenix.

Here is a video of the youtuber Zetsey Media, which shows many of the positions. Cleverly, it does not reveal how exactly it gets to the corresponding spots.

Now is the time to make mistakes public
Without ranked fashion and big tournaments there is still enough time for Riot to iron out such mistakes. That’s why it’s important to report any bugs you find in the game or that you happen to encounter.

You can do this for example in the official Subreddit, where there are already bugreport threads from the developers. There you will also find a detailed explanation of what information will help them to fix the bugs.

Twitter is another way to communicate with the devs. The more players report bugs now, the better the gaming experience will be for the official launch of VALORANT.

Have you found any bugs yet? Write it to us and the developers on social media!


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