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Since the release of the closed beta, players have been complaining about the ranking system in Valorant. One reason is the confusing name of the highest rank.
After the launch of Valorant, the ranking system will be revised again. This includes a different name for the top rank and a better system for differentiating the best players.

In an interview with the English-language site Polygon, Valorant’s senior designer Sean Szopinski revealed: “When we came up with the names, Valorant seemed like the perfect term for the highest rank.

The idea behind it: The best players could see themselves as representatives of the title and could better identify with the game. However, it was not considered that this could lead to confusion.

Here’s an example:

“What is your rank in Valorant?”
– “Valorant.”
– “Yes, exactly what is your rank?” – “Valorant.”

Rank is supposed to be more easily distinguishable
But besides the problem with the naming, many top players also find that there seems to be no difference between players at the highest rank.

So it seemed in beta that every Valorant player would be at a similar level. The ranking system in Counter-Strike offers the same problem. A possible solution would be to show the best players their exact MMR, as it happens for example in Overwatch.

The developers still want to solve this problem as well, says Szopinski. However, this seems to happen only after launch. Also the ranked mode itself will probably not be available directly after the launch.


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