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Valkyrae after RFLCT hate: “I wanted to be part of something revolutionary”

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After the initial shitstorm has died down a bit, streamer Valkyrae speaks out again about the reactions to her Skincare products.

RFLCT’s Skincare products have been on sale since 19 October and are supposed to protect against blue screen light. A huge shitstorm followed the announcement by American streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter on all platforms. She then went offline for a while, only to return with a statement.

In a YouTube stream on Saturday, which was deleted just hours after it aired, she talks about the drama and exposes the communication with the manufacturer. Above all, the myth that blue radiation would harm the skin came across negatively to many.

According to her own statement, Valkyrae herself was initially sceptical about the claims of protection against blue light. But then, she says, she was shown studies by the company responsible that showed evidence of the radiation and its effect on the skin. “They did six months of tests with chemists in laboratories. I saw the research with my own eyes. I was really excited because I thought it was groundbreaking research, ” she continued. “I thought it would help people.”

Missing studies and greed for money

Another accusation from the community was that these alleged studies do not appear on the website. However, the legal reason for this was that the results of the elaborate studies could be stolen as soon as they were publicly available.

She firmly counters the accusations that Valkyrae is only after the money: “I don’t need money, I could theoretically retire. I saw the research and was excited to be part of something that felt revolutionary. “


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