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The Uniliga is an eSports league organized by students and is aimed at all registered students in Germany.

In the different leagues students play together in teams against other student teams. Usually different universities from all over Germany meet. The new season already started in Overwatch and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. We present you the changes. Overwatch: That is new!

– After all teams have always played in one league so far, there is now a 1st and 2nd league in Overwatch. In the first league ten teams meet, in the second league 16 teams meet.
– Munich eSports is represented with three teams in the first league and one team in the second league – so they have the most teams in Overwatch.
– But also Frankfurt can be seen with a total of three teams.
– There are always four maps played: Control – Hybrid – Escort – Assault
– Every week there is a new hero pool, which is based on the Open Division.
– Stream day is always Wednesdays from 20.00 hrs. Check out the Twitch channel of the Uniliga!

Counter-Strike: Two brand new teams

– Teams from different universities compete in a total of three leagues. Only one location of a university is represented in the first league.
– Munich eSports is not only playing Overwatch, but also in this season for the first time in the first league of Counter-Strike.
– Düsseldorf Gaming won the wildcard tournament and is now also playing in the first division for the first time.
– ESUG GOEttlike trains the hardest – at least three times a week they practice together.
– Streamday is every thursday from 20.00 o’clock. Check out the Twitch channel of the Uniliga!


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