The new Life is Strange brings back the most popular heroine – with new powers


Max Caulfield is indeed returning in the new Life is Strange. We reveal what the story of the new Double Exposure part has in store for you

At the Xbox Games Showcase, Square Enix presented a spectacular trailer forLife is Strange: Double Exposureand officially announced the return of Max Caulfield.

The original story of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price is considered the best installment to date and has captured the hearts of countless fans. Now a grown-up Max is about to embark on a new, thrilling adventure. We’ll tell you what to expect in the next installment

This is what awaits you in Life is Strange: Double Exposure

In Double Exposure, Max returns to solve the murder of her best friend – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This time, however, there’s a huge twist: As the protagonist of the original Life is Strange, Max had the special ability to manipulate time.

However, she now has the ability to open portals between two different worlds:In Double Exposure, she can dive into two parallel timelines at the same time. These timelines are identical, but in one her friend, who is obviously not Chloe, has been murdered, while in the other this friend is still alive.

Max must now use her new ability to solve the murder in one world and prevent it in the other, as well as reunite the two timelines – and ultimately save her friend. This should also leave the question of which ending of the first part is thetrue endingunanswered – unless the plot of the first part is picked up after all.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released on October 29, 2024for Xbox Series X|S and PC. It has not yet been confirmed whether this will be a one-off title or whether the game will be released again in several episodes. However, the much-anticipated reunion with Max promises an exciting storyline and perhaps the best game in the series since Life is Strange 1.