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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The biggest game you’ve probably never heard of is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5

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Roblox, a giant in the entertainment universe that nevertheless relatively few know about. Now the title that gives Minecraft serious competition is coming to the PlayStation.

Almost every gamer and also many people outside of gaming know titles like Minecraft or Fortnite, both of which are also aimed at a younger audience. But who among you knows Roblox? Probably not many. Yet you could have been playing it on PC since 2006 as well as Xbox since 2015 – much like 200 million monthly active players worldwide.

Now the universe is opening its doors to children and young people on Sony’s platforms. Roblox will be released for PlayStation 4 and 5 in October, (as announced at the Roblox Developer Conference.)

What is Roblox?

Roblox is far more difficult to grasp than, for example, Minecraft, as it contains elements of it, but at the same time is far more. Roblox is a platform that provides the technical framework for all conceivable games from 3D chat rooms to multiplayer shooters.

Free user account: After creating a free user account, you can create an avatar – one of the plastic figures you see in the teaser image at the top.

Robux, the currency on the platform: You can buy some games – but most of them are free to start – and especially cosmetic items for your character via microtransactions with the Robux. The title is financed through these revenues. External developers who use the Roblox Studio to create new content also earn money through transactions in the respective game. Quasi thousands of Free2Play titles on a Free2Use platform.

Update for Xbox

Probably in the release period of the PlayStation versions, the backwards compatible Xbox One version will also receive a major update. This will improve the user interface as well as the appearance.

Now only Nintendo is missing: Roblox is now playable on a variety of platforms, iOS and Android were already added before Microsoft’s consoles. Only the Nintendo Switch has been left out so far.

Cross your heart! Did you already know Roblox or are you hearing about the brand for the first time? Or have you even played it yourself or with your children for a while? Tell us about your experiences with and thoughts about Roblox in the comments!


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