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The Ascent: One of the most atmospheric action RPGs of 2021 reveals big addon

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The graphically impressive role-playing game was well received by fans of cyberpunk scenarios. Now a major expansion is set to bring new content.

When it was released in the summer of 2021, the action role-playing game The Ascent was particularly convincing with its dense cyberpunk atmosphere, breathtaking graphics and spectacular battles from the iso-perspective. (In the test), however, we had to downgrade the game because of technical problems!

Those who were nevertheless satisfied with The Ascent can look forward to a lot of new content from 18 August onwards. The just announced expansion Cyber Heist will continue the story of the game with new quests, locations and weapons. What is known about the DLC so far, you can find out here.

This job is top secret

The story of Cyber Heist begins after the story of The Ascent and is only accessible if you have completed it in full. Your former employer, Kira, offers you a mission that only you are allowed to know about, which will see you travel to the new territory of the Malhorst Yellow Group.

You can already see what awaits you there in the official trailer for the expansion:

What’s new?

Melee Weapons: You’ve probably already seen it in the trailer, but Cyber Heist will feature melee weapons for the first time. Included is a futuristic katana of sorts and apparently a massive hammer called the Rock Crusher, which can be seen in the expansion’s key art. New firearms are also likely to be added.

Numerous new locations: You will explore a new city that belongs to the Malhorst Yellow Group. Not only do new overworld locations and environments await you there, but you must also face previously unknown enemies.

Main and side quests: You can expect a new story that follows the events of The Ascent and introduces you to new characters. You can tackle the quests alone or in co-op, but at least the host must have completed the main quest of the base game. A number of new side quests are also part of the expansion.

What do you think of the first information on the new expansion? Are you curious to see how it fights with melee weapons or how the story will continue? Or were you rather disappointed by The Ascent and don’t want to play Cyber Heist at all? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments!

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