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Steam, Epic and Co.: These 11 great games have just been released and almost nobody has noticed

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We have once again collected the best insider tips of the month. There are a lot of hidden hits in November 2023

The eleventh month of the year is over, December is just around the corner (and this time it’s even packed with snow if the weather forecast is right). The perfect time to curl up in the warmth of your home with a few games, put on a cup of tea and immerse yourself in strange worlds!

As always, we have collected the best insider tips that were released last month. This time, the best hits from the second series in November 2023! Have fun browsing and, as always, feel free to share your insider tips with us in the comments.

Quick navigation for those in a hurry:

  • Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story (Enchanting Winter Adventure)
  • This Bed We Made (Mystery adventure with noir sounds)
  • The Invincible (retro science fiction with impressive graphics)
  • Roboquest (Shooter action alone or in co-op)
  • Cobalt Core (Exciting deck builder with spaceships)
  • Wantless: Solace at World’s End (battles for sanity)
  • Microcivilization (building with disasters that spawn heroes)
  • Backpack Hero (Inventory management can be fun)
  • The Last Faith (Metroidvania kisses Dark Souls in the Castlevania castle)
  • American Arcadia (Trueman show with a deadly twist)
  • Small Saga (London, but as a mouse city)

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Tequila Works
  • Platforms: PC, Switch (PlayStation and Xbox to follow in 2024)
  • PC stores: (Steam), (Epic), (GOG)
  • Release: November 1, 2023
  • Steam ratings: 95 percent positive (1,358 reviews)

    The League of Legends universe continues to grow: After the great tactical role-playing game Ruined King there is now a winter adventure in which the well-known champion Nunu and his Yeti Willump play the leading roles.  Song of Nunu tells the story of how the unlikely duo explore the world together and save their snowy homeland of Freljord.

    You ride sleds, solve puzzles and also meet other champions from LoL, for example the friendly bearded man Braum and the sinister mage Lissandra. The game also has an optional German voice-over

    This Bed We Made

    • Genre: Adventure
    • Developer: Lowbirth Games
    • Platforms: PC, PS5 (PS4 and Xbox to follow on December 13, 2023)
    • PC stores: (Steam)
    • Release: November 1, 2023
    • Steam ratings: 92 percent positive (558 reviews)

      Sophie works as a chambermaid in a chic hotel in 1958. Not only does she clean the rooms and make the beds, she also finds out some of the guests’ secrets. In This Bed We Made, she gets caught up in a mysterious murder case and wants to find out the truth herself

      You explore the floors of the hotel and rummage around in the guests’ possessions, which brings you clues – or raises new questions. You’ll also meet different people and can make certain decisions by talking to them, for example forming alliances

      The Invincible

      • Genre: Adventure
      • Developer: Starward Industries
      • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox X/S
      • PC stores: (Steam), (Epic), (GOG)
      • Release: November 6, 2023
      • Steam ratings: 90 percent positive (1,368 reviews)

        The Invincible is based on the sci-fi classic of the same name by Stanislaw Lem, but tells the story slightly differently. As scientist Yasna, you search for your missing crew on the desert planet Regis III and raise philosophical questions about the nature of humanity. Simple in terms of gameplay, but an absolute blast in terms of storytelling


        • Genre: Shooter
        • Developer: RyseUp Studios
        • Platforms: PC
        • PC-Stores: (Steam), (Epic), (GOG)
        • Release: November 7, 2023 (Final Release)
        • Steam ratings: 95 percent positive (7,698 reviews)

          Roboquest is not a completely new game, but has been available as Early Access for a while and has built up a loyal fan community. Now the flashy shooter has finally been released. You can either play alone or as a duo in 2-player co-op, shoot your way through randomly generated, futuristic levels and gradually unlock new weapons and upgrades

          Cobalt Core

          • Genre: Strategy / Deckbuilder
          • Developer: Rocket Rat Games
          • Platforms: PC, Switch
          • PC-Stores: (Steam)
          • Release: November 8, 2023
          • Steam ratings: 97 percent positive (947 reviews)

            Hidden behind the retro pixelated look of Cobalt Core is a sophisticated and fun deck-building game in which you fly through space in a spaceship and make tactical decisions in battles: Would you rather raise shields or attack your opponent’s weak points? Which characters do you include in your crew? And which upgrades do you decide on?

            Wantless: Solace at World’s End

            • Genre: Tactical role-playing game
            • Developer: Drop Rate Studio
            • Platforms: PC
            • PC-Stores: (Steam)
            • Release: November 8, 2023 (Early Access)
            • Steam ratings: 94 percent positive (36 reviews)

              Wantless: Solace at World’s End is the least known game on this list. Yet it already offers really cool tactical battles in Early Access, which take place in the subconscious of your patients. For every action you perform, your opponent will also have more room to maneuver in the next round. You also have to make use of your surroundings, for example by watching out for poisonous ground.

              The game is set to spend about a year in Early Access, so expect the final release update at the end of 2024.


              • Genre: 4X-Strategy
              • Developer: Ondrej Homola
              • Platforms: PC
              • PC-Stores: (Steam)
              • Release: November 13, 2023 (Early Access)
              • Steam ratings: 91 percent positive (485 reviews)

                In Microcivilization, you build a nation and then protect it from all kinds of calamities such as natural disasters, epidemics or invasions. For every crisis you overcome, you can win heroes as a reward, who in turn have an influence on your industry and so on. A very exciting game principle, but be prepared for a lot of mouse clicking!

                Backpack Hero

                • Genre: Strategy / Deckbuilder
                • Developer: Jaspel
                • Platforms: PC
                • PC-Stores: (Steam), (Epic), (GOG)
                • Release: November 14, 2023 (Final Release)
                • Steam ratings: 89 percent positive (4,812 reviews)

                  What’s more exciting than fighting fantastic opponents or traveling through unknown worlds? Inventory management, of course! Backpack Hero makes this a central gameplay feature; your items have different strengths depending on where they are in your backpack. Tactical packing is therefore required before you venture into the randomly generated dungeons

                  The Last Faith

                  • Genre: Action / Metroidvania
                  • Developer: Kumi Souls Games
                  • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Switch
                  • PC stores: (Steam), (GOG)
                  • Release: November 15, 2023
                  • Steam ratings: 80 percent positive (1,247 reviews)

                    The Last Faith is what happens when a Soulslike and a Metroidvania love each other very much. The dark moonlight atmosphere should immediately capture fans of the Castlevania games, but it’s also something for anyone who wants crunchy challenges. You wake up with no memories and realize that your mind is crumbling further and further. So you have to quickly find out what happened and how to deal with the countless monsters that are charging towards you.

                    American Arcadia

                    • Genre: Adventure
                    • Developer: Out of the Blue Games
                    • Platforms: PC
                    • PC-Stores: (Steam)
                    • Release: November 15, 2023
                    • Steam ratings: 94 percent positive (553 reviews)

                      Back to the 70s! American Arcadia is the most popular, but also the deadliest TV program: the participants don’t know that their lives are being filmed. And if the viewing figures drop too low, death is imminent! As office worker Trevor, you try to escape this cruel fate. He is helped by Angela, a stage technician who works for the show – you take it in turns to control both of them in their respective environments, each from a different game perspective.

                      Small Saga

                      • Genre: Tactical role-playing game
                      • Developer: Darya Noghani
                      • Platforms: PC
                      • PC-Stores: (Steam)
                      • Release: November 16, 2023
                      • Steam ratings: 96 percent positive (558 reviews)

                        Rebellion of the Tiny Ones! In an alternative medieval miniature London, you meet intelligent mice, rats, moles, squirrels, weasels and so on. They live in a sometimes surprisingly dark world, think of Down By the River, for example. You control mouse Verm and his pals through turn-based strategic battles and the pretty pixel world. The story is full of twists and turns and charming characters, and after around eight hours you’ll be through it.

                        Now it’s your turn, like every month: Is there something for you in the list of the best insider tips of November 2023? Is your wish list already full? Or have you dug up your own treasures from the depths of Steam, Epic and GOG that you’d like to share with us and the GlobalESportNews community? Feel free to write to us!

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