Starfields Creation Kit brings heaps of new content – at outrageous prices


The Creation Kit opens the door to a flood of new content. But fans think the prices charged by Bethesda are far too high

At the Xbox Games Showcase last Sunday, Bethesda finally unveiled thefirst official trailerfor the Shattered Space DLC ofStarfielddue out later this year.

A huge new update for the main game was released at the same time,containing plenty of new contentand the long-awaited Creation Kit. But the powerful modding tool immediately causes trouble.

What is the Creation Kit and what is the problem?

The Creation Kit is a special modding tool that allows you to create mods using the same toolkit that Bethesda itself uses to develop new content. Although a variety of Starfield mods are already available on platforms such as NexusMods, the Creation Kit aims to simplify the process for modders and users alike.

Bethesda describes theCreation Kit on Steamas follows:

The Creation Kit is a free downloadable editor that allows you to make creations for Starfield and share them with other players on We also used this tool to develop the game, and now we’re giving you the power to create new content – new quests, environments, characters, dialog, weapons and more.

Criticism of the prices

However, the joy of the Creation Kit is dampened by the prices for the creations made with it. The cost of the content, whether created by Bethesda or the community, varies greatly:

  • For example, a bounty mission created by Bethesda costs 700 Creation Credits.
  • A set of cosmetic plushies costs 300 credits.

To convert this into real money: 1,000 Creation Credits cost 10 euros on Steam.

For many fans, these prices are simply too high.One user on Reddit commented about:

Yes, the price-performance ratio seems to be very mixed. For 10 dollars you get a non-functional ship module, and for 5 dollars you get a single small quest… It seems like I can spend 60 dollars on the Creation Club and get very little.

Alsomany usersare annoyed that the Trackers Alliance, a sort of bounty hunter guild, is only available as part of the Creation Club. The_IrishTurtle makes an exciting comparison:

I’ll give you a comparable example from Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood Imagine if Bethesda gave you an introduction to them and then just generic assassination missions out in the world, but to get access to the main questline, the big quests in curated areas, you’d have to pay $5 a mission. And then they do that for the thieves guild, the companions, you wouldn’t be happy about it. So why is it okay here?

Last but not least, it’s not just the prices of the creations that are causing a bad mood. Much of this content, unless otherwise stated, disables the ability to unlock achievements, which makes forsarcastic comments&nbsp:I can’t wait to spend money on a gun that disables my achievements.

But players’ biggest concern seems to be that future updates could introduce similar mechanisms: new features and quests are offered for free, but to get the full experience you have to pay.

What do you think of Creation Kit and Creation Club? Are you happy about the high-quality content or do you immediately lose interest in the sporty prices? Let us know in the comments section