Sons of the Forest: Full version released with exciting new features


Survival fans can rejoice, because the full version of Sons of the Forest is finally here. After a year in (Early Access on Steam), the game from (Endnight Games) has now received the major patch 1.0, which brings numerous improvements and new content. Since its launch in Early Access in February 2023, Sons of the Forest has already recorded over two million sales. Now, twelve months later, the game is ready to take on its final form and take players on an even more intense survival adventure

New content and improvements for a more intense gaming experience

The 1.0 update for Sons of the Forest expands the game’s story with new decision-making options and cutscenes. A particular highlight is the return of Timmy from the first part of The Forest. He is now integrated into the game as a fully-fledged NPC. In addition, players can expect new mutants, a disease system that reacts to the consumption of unfiltered water. There are also numerous new caves and paths to explore. The mysterious artifact, which plays an important role in the game, can now be fully assembled. The exact effects of this are still unclear. In addition, a creative mode has been introduced that allows players to have all items in their inventory and place buildings immediately. To unlock this mode, however, the campaign must be played through

Outlook for the future of Sons of the Forest

Although the full version of Sons of the Forest has now been released, the future of the game remains open. However, it is certain that the game will continue to receive updates to continuously improve the gaming experience. While Sons of the Forest has found its way into the final version, competitor Palworld is still in Early Access, but already has concrete plans for future updates. It remains exciting to see how both games will fare in the survival gaming scene.