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SEASON: A letter to the future shows new story trailer

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SEASON: A letter to the future will be released at the end of this month. To give those interested a deeper look into the atmospheric indie game, Scavenger’s studio released a story trailer this afternoon.

Who remembers the world after its downfall? This is the question explored in the pretty indie game SEASON: A letter to the future. In this exploration title, players slip into the role of the young woman Estelle, who until recently lived in her secluded village. Now she hops on her bike and embarks on a journey across the world to document everything before the approaching catastrophe takes it all away.

In the course of the game, Estelle meets various characters who are going through their own silent crises towards the end of the world. Who they are and what fates they go through is revealed in the freshly released story trailer.

NPCs with a great story

So young Kochi takes you on one last bike ride before the valley floods. Afterwards, you can learn about the history of the valley through the statues by the artist Maytora. Estelle will be the only one to see the outsider’s last work of art. Easel is the last monk of the Tieng Valley. Abandoned by family and friends, he waits alone for the end of this season. Whether Estelle can awaken his faith to pray for something again?

In SEASON: A letter to the future you document the fading world in the role of Estelle. To do justice to this task, you are not only equipped with a bicycle and a diary. You can also pull out a camera and microphone to record the final sensory impressions of the world. You can also collect various items.

SEASON: Old familiar, but still new

Scavengers Studio describes the world of SEASON: A letter to the future as familiar, yet new. Take your time exploring the world and making decisions that will affect the outcome of your game. Learn about religious customs, traditions and the touching history of a world not so dissimilar to our own.

As the trailer shows, purple gems seem to play a crucial role in the end of the world. You will be able to find out exactly what this is all about on 31 January when SEASON: A letter to the future is released for PC and (PlayStation) . PlayStation Plus members can pre-order the game at a 10% discount; players on (Steam) and (Epic) will receive a 10% discount between 31 January and 7 February.

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