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RTX 5090: Why Nvidia probably still wants to release the graphics card in 2024

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The RTX 5080 and 5090 are still due to be released in 2024 – and the first information may already be available at Computex. This is the reason for the expected reveal

When Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang appears at Computex in a few weeks, he could already be showing us the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080. That’s the conclusion that some voices are drawing from the launch of the cards expected later this year

In addition, a leak gives us more information on why Nvidia wants to launch the RTX 5000 this year after all.

Why is this important?  No other hardware is as important for our favorite hobby as the graphics card – and Nvidia is the largest supplier on the market. Until a few days ago it was rather assumed that new RTX 5000 models would not be released until 2025. If that’s not the case, it would be quite a surprise.

Why 2024 after all?  The fact that the RTX 5000 (codename Blackwell) will be released this year probably has something to do with Nvidia’s workstation graphics cards. The well-known YouTuber MLID claims:

  • The GB202 and GB203 chips are to be used in the workstation models.
  • Nvidia apparently wants to install the same chips in the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080
  • Waiting for the RTX 5000 would then no longer make sense because in principle, everyone already knows what the specs of our gaming variants will be (Nvidia internal source).

Paper launch at the end of the year? MLID’s sources expect an early release, but not a high availability of the graphics cards:

  • Just because something has been launched doesn’t mean you can buy it in serious numbers.
  • We don’t expect our Blackwell laptops to have good availability until Q1 to Q2.

The availability of the RTX 5000 is not the only thing to worry about, as my colleague Nils points out in his column: The signs are not good: Nvidia’s RTX 5000 graphics cards are already worrying me

What should change with RTX 5000: In addition to the new chips, there are a number of other changes that we expect with RTX 5090 and Co.

  • A significantly greater difference in performance between the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 than with the previous generation
  • Faster GDDR7 memory chips, which Samsung only recently presented
  • A new 16-pin power connector designed to provide a uniform standard for the power supply

What’s next? Of course, we don’t have an official roadmap of how Nvidia envisions the launch of the new cards. However, based on current information, the following schedule seems likely:

  1. Presentation of the new graphics cards in the summer, perhaps as early as Computex in six weeks’ time
  2. Release of the two new cards during the third to fourth quarter in small quantities
  3. Wide availability of RTX 5000 models from early 2025


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