PS5 Pro rumors: release date, price and new features


The fresh scent of the rumor mill is in the air: We collect all leaks about the PS5 Pro in the following overview

The rumors about a better, faster and more beautiful PS5 are intensifying. According to rumors, the PS5 Pro will be released this year and will have a lot under the hood. We have compiled all the (mostly unofficial) information about Sony’s upcoming console in this article

Table of Contents:

  • PS5 Pro Release: Probably in November 2024
  • PS5 Pro Specs: Hardware rumors
  • PS5 Pro price: From 499 dollars?
  • PS5 Pro Features: AI upscaling on the GPU
  • PS5 Pro Design: With detachable drive?

PS5 Pro release date: Probably in November 2024

In a podcast on the YouTube channel “Moore’s Law Is Dead”, the two hosts say that various developers have already been informed about the PS5 Pro. They see a release in the Christmas period as very likely. This would also coincide with rumors from last year

As a source, he refers to Colin Moriarty, who is behind the gaming podcast Last Stand and the developer studio Lillymo Games. He is also in contact with several AMD employees who are allegedly working on the console. They are also talking about the Christmas season

This also fits with the already known release pattern of the PlayStation series. Both the PS5 and the PS5 Slim were both released in November.

In addition, developers are said to have “not complained about the PS5 Pro”. Which means that updates and customizations for the PS5 Pro won’t be too complicated. So when the PS5 Pro launches, you could be getting updates for your favorite games pretty quickly

PS5 Pro Specs: Hardware Rumors

The Verge allegedly received several documents in April 2024, some containing more, some less detailed information

Here you can see the leaked data summarized:

  • More powerful GPU: 45 percent faster rendering than the standard PS5 version
  • Improved ray tracing: Up to three times faster than PS5
  • Slightly faster CPU: Offers a “High-Frequency” mode with 3.85 GHz (10 percent faster than the PS5)
  • Increased system memory speed: 28 percent more to 576 GB/s
  • More usable system memory: 1.2 GB more for games (13.7 GB in total).

The leaker “Moore’s Law Is Dead” has shared information on the technical details of the PS5 Pro on his YouTube channel According to him, he got the information from a developer at AMD. The company is said to be responsible for the console’s hardware again, as was the case with the PS5.

What will be in the upcoming Sony console, you can see here in the overview:

  • APU: 4nm Zen 2 8-core (clock speed unknown so far)
  • CU: 56 compute units in the finished product
  • Graphics memory: 16 gigabyte GDDR6 with 18 Gbit/s
  • Architecture: RDNA 3

Some data, such as the graphics memory or the compute units, was already leaked in December. As the data has now been confirmed by a new source, we hope that these are actually the specs of the PS5 Pro. But none of this is official yet

PS5 Pro price: From 499 dollars?

The price is rumored to be 499 dollars in the USA. This is revealed by the normally well-informed leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead in a new podcast episode.

He suspects that there will be a PS5 Pro without disc, which is estimated to cost 499 dollars – not much more than the PS5 Slim, which costs 449 dollars. For the variant with a disc drive, they are assuming 599 dollars. This is in line with information provided by Jeff Grubb Reporter at Giant Bomb, who has already estimated a price of around 600 dollars in the past

You should take this data with a grain of salt, however, as it has not been officially confirmed.

The only way to get exact data is to take a look at the prices of the PS4 and PS4 Pro. But that paints a different picture: there was no difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro in terms of RRP on their respective release dates. Both consoles launched at a price of 400 euros.

Accordingly, the hope remains that the price increase of the Playstation 5 in August 2022 will remain a one-off procedure.

At that time, Sony changed the RRP of the PS5 as follows:

  • PS5 with UHD Blu-ray drive:549,99 Euro(old RRP: 499,99 Euro)
  • PS5 Digital Edition:449.99 Euro(old RRP: 399.99 Euro)

PS5 Pro features: AI upscaling on the GPU

The above leak from The Verge also reveals a lot about Sony’s own upscaling method PSSR, which is supposed to work similarly to Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR:

  • Sony has reportedly developed a custom machine learning architecture that supports 300TOPS of 8-bit computation
  • Latency of around 2ms for upscaling a 1080p image to 4K, with future support for resolutions up to 8K and improved latency
  • Includes: Full HDR support

You can find more information in our article on PSSR:

Sony is probably working on its own upscaling feature for the PS5 Pro with 4K and 120 Hz

KI upscaling on the GPU: What sounds like speculation so far is already considered certain in many circles. In a post on X, the well-known AMD leaker Kepler does not talk about whether AI upscaling is coming, but how exactly it will be implemented

According to him, the upscaling will take place on the GPU, but what’s so special about it?

Some people were probably expecting AI functions to be calculated on a PS5 Pro with an NPU, as this is now considered the standard for upcoming hardware with AI functions.

What is an NPU?In short, it is a dedicated computing unit whose task is to calculate AI-based processes. You can read more here in Alana’s article:

NPU in the processor: What is it and what can the AI chip do?

What is upscaling in gaming? &nbspIn short, these are technologies that aim to improve the image quality of video games without increasing the hardware requirements. This is achieved through various processes, such as:

  • Interpolation:Here, missing pixels are calculated to increase the resolution of the image.
  • Edge smoothing:This technique removes tooth-like edges on objects to create a smoother image.
  • Sharpening:This emphasizes details in the image to improve image sharpness.

PS5 Pro design: With removable drive?

One of the criticisms that Sony has sometimes had to listen to is the design of the Playstation 5: too clunky, too big, too unattractive. Although the Japanese manufacturer offers some special editions of the Playstation 5 with a fresh look, this does not change the general structure.

The manufacturer seems to have taken the feedback to heart. The Slim version of the Playstation 5 has a removable drive and this could also be the case with the PS5 Pro

Now it’s up to you: Would you get a Playstation 5 Pro? What features does it need to have to be interesting for you – or are you counting on the regular PS5 being cheaper with a Pro release? Is a slim version more interesting for you than a Pro version? Let us know your opinion in the comments below: