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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Project S packs its open world not with enemies, but with mysteries

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Project S is a new open-world game from Canadian developer studio Lunarch. Instead of hunting monsters, conquering outposts or other usual open-world stuff, however, the focus here is to be on peaceful discovery, puzzles and mysteries!

Players can choose to explore the large fantasy world alone or together in multiplayer and are supposed to encounter “diverse ecosystems, ancient architecture, puzzles, quests and mazes”, according to the game’s creators. So instead of encountering enemies everywhere, Project S is peppered with logic or number challenges, physics puzzles and other head-scratchers.

The developers at Lunarch say it consists of maths Olympians, ex-poker pros, PhD students from the elite MIT University and other highly competitive thinkers who challenge players with their ideas. “As your knowledge grows and you develop your mind, you unlock new areas, missions and abilities in the game,” they say (on Steam). A release date has not yet been announced.

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