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Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate is now available

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An exciting journey awaits players from today in “Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate” for Nintendo Switch. The remaster of the 2004 classic brings the popular characters and the charming paper world design back to the screens. A new trailer on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel offers a first glimpse of the adventure.

The story begins in Rohlingen, a town full of crooks and crooks. Mario travels here to help Princess Peach in her treasure hunt. But when he arrives, there is no sign of Peach. Instead, Mario hears about the legend of the seven star jewels. These magical jewels are said to open the way to the Aeon Gate and the hidden treasure. Mario sets off in search of the jewels in the hope of finding Peach too.

New features and highlights of the remaster

In “Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate”, players face a variety of challenges and new opponents. Bowser isn’t the only one causing trouble this time. Mario also has to assert himself against other adversaries. The adventures take the players beyond the borders of Rohlingen. They explore a spooky castle, the home of a giant dragon. They have to prove their courage in a dark village and do some detective work on a moving train

Battles are an important part of the game. These are turn-based and take place on a cardboard stage. Successful actions are rewarded with applause from the audience. In addition to the battles, Mario uses special paper skills to overcome obstacles. He transforms himself into a paper airplane to fly over chasms, or squeezes through narrow gaps as a flat sheet.

The remaster brings improved graphics and revised animations. The charming paper world shines in new splendor. Fans of the original will be delighted by the nostalgic atmosphere, while new players can discover the magical world of Paper Mario. Nintendo has successfully remade another classic and offers an adventure full of humor, excitement and unforgettable moments.


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