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New survival game on Steam entices you with base building – and you can play for free

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The upcoming survival game First Dwarf has dwarves, mechs – and the release is imminent. You can now play it for free

The world of survival games is about to get an exciting new addition:First Dwarfis a base-building survival game with dwarves, mechs and an optional co-op mode. Now thedemo is available on Steamand the game will enter Early Access this month.

What kind of game is First Dwarf?

The story of First Dwarf takes place on Driftland, a once thriving planet that was torn to pieces by a devastating war between mages of four different races. What remains are floating islands – and in the midst of this devastation, the brave dwarves fight for survival.

However, resources are running low and the once great dwarf civilization is on the verge of collapse. In a last desperate attempt to save the empire, huge airships are sent to the islands to collect valuable materials.

You take on the role of Tru, one of the reconnaissance engineers, who has been sent out with a mech to explore new areas in the clouds. Your task is to find suitable locations for new dwarf settlements, collect resources and set up bases

You must collect mana to power your mechanical armor and defend yourself against numerous dangers. But Tru’s journey is not just about gathering resources and crafting – he must also discover the truth about his father’s past and uncover a secret that will influence the future of the dwarven kingdom.

First Dwarf combines elements of survival, exploration, tower defense and base building in a large open world and could be worth a look for all fans of games like The Riftbreaker. You can now try out the demo on Steam and prepare yourself for the Early Access launch, which awaits you on June 19


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