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New D&D competitor aims to revolutionize combat and is already raising millions in crowdfunding

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A new pen & paper system turns you into heroes right from the start who never miss their target. This is the MCDM RPG

Dice are a fickle beast and every pen&paper fan has experienced moments of frustration at least once. Often when not a single attack on an opponent hits the target. If you are similarly annoyed by this random factor, then you should keep an eye on a brand new role-playing game

The MCDM RPG is a new ruleset that is currently (on backer kit) raising money and in which you will always hit your targets.

Action-packed battles with great heroes

The system is completely designed to stageepic battles between powerful heroes and nasty monsters&nbsp. In doing so, the designers deliberately want to jettison legacy issues that have plagued the hobby for 50 years and, in their opinion, suck the fun out of many battles at the gaming table

You start your adventure as a reasonably established hero character who has achieved some fame and, above all, doesn’t have to learn the trade first. Accordingly, battles should be epic right from the start and not slow down as you progress

This should be achieved by not having your characters run into battle with lots of resources and then being able to do less and less.

Instead, your fighters accumulate more and more heroic resources, for example the game’s barbarian class becomes more and more furious and thus gains more and more advantages. It’s all reminiscent of Diablo and other action role-playing games in a way

In addition, teamwork is encouraged as players think about possible combinations of their classes’ abilities during a battle and determine which character’s turn it is and when.

The MCDM RPG still uses dice, of course.&nbspMostly 2W6s are used, but there are also W4s and W8s. However, this always directly determines the damage of your class, not whether you hit your opponent or he resists a spell.

(The MCDM RPG also relies on traditional fantasy classes, but they are supposed to work differently than in D&D.)
(The MCDM RPG also relies on traditional fantasy classes, but they are supposed to work differently than in D&D.)

Who is doing this and when is it coming?

The role-playing game is being developed by MCDM, a publisher that has so far mainly released independent products for D&D 5e. For example, new classes, some of which now also appear in their own role-playing system.

The crowdfunding campaign for the new system is currently underway and is meeting with lively support. 800,000 US dollars were requested, over three million dollars have been raised so far But the campaign is not over yet, investments can still be made until January 5, 2024

The plan is to publish two rulebooks around June 2025, but the first playtests should be able to take place as early as Q2 2024.

What do you think of the new competitor to Dungeons & Dragons? Do the team’s plans sound appealing to you or do you find the concept behind it rather uninteresting? Did you already know about the project or is this the first time you’ve heard about it? Do you know of any other exciting developments that you can recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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