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New cyberpunk game combines katana fighting, hacking and cyber upgrades in stylish 2D

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Quantic River lets you and your katana loose in a dystopian cyberpunk world. The main attractions here are exploration, visuals and swordplay

A glowing cut cuts you in half, gravity does the rest. The furniture clatters to the floor, right next to the body of the augmented guard. In the upcoming 2.5D cyberpunk sidescroller Quantic River you wield an extremely sharp katana blade. We’ll tell you what the announced title has to offer beyond its stylish combat!

2.5D cyberpunk with a blade


The following points should emphasize the action game Quantic River:

  • Katana combat system: The developers promise an elaborate sword system which, in addition to blocking and parrying, also allows projectiles to be reflected. Timing and accuracy are said to be important here, as you can apparently decide the angle of the strike yourself. This also allows you to destroy the environment. Apart from immersion, this should also influence the gameplay.
  • Exploration: The game will not have an open world, but the creators want to offer a variety of ways to master situations at all times. Combat, hacking and sneaking should be able to exist almost equally as pillars of the gameplay.
  • Cybernetic augmentations: This allows you to customize your character and find your own way to deal with the dangers of the game world.

The reduced yet detailed visuals are already striking. The title clearly wants to score points with a coherent presentation that walks a tightrope between different styles

When will Quantic River be released? We don’t know yet. So far there is no information on this, we can only report on the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign. This should start soon. You will certainly receive information from us as soon as the time comes, or (on the official homepage).

Where will it be released? Quantic River will be available on (Steam), Gog and Epic.

What do you think about Quantic River? Are we in for an action hit at some point in the future? Do you like the presentation and setting after the first (moving) images? Will you put it on your Steam wish list? Or are you still missing something from the whole idea? Let us know your thoughts, ideas and impressions in the comments!

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