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New construction game from Germany: The Tribe Must Survive wants to teach you the fear of settlement

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It’s not so easy to make your tribe flourish in The Tribe Must Survive. Dangerous creatures of the night want to get at your Stone Age people

The Stone Age was definitely not a pleasant era in which to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful life. But if god-like creatures with an appetite for human flesh had been lurking in the darkness, hardly any tribe would have survived. But that’s exactly what you have to do in The Tribe Must Survive. You won’t have to wait much longer for the release

What’s inside The Tribe Must Survive

The number one rule in The Tribe Must Survive is: The fire must never go out! If no more light illuminates your settlement, the creatures of darkness will descend upon your tribe members. On the Steam page, the game’s setting is described as the lovecraftian Stone Age 

But it’s not just the darkness that may be your downfall, your own community members can also beat each other up. To prevent this from happening, you should always have enough resources ready, for which you in turn have to explore the dangerous darkness outside your tribe.

On the other hand, if the tribe is doing well and growing, it will need more resources to feed the hungry mouths. What makes the whole thing even more difficult: Each character has their own personality. Different needs, different strengths and, above all, their own will. You can only influence their actions through rituals, buildings and other external events.

More info on The Tribe Must Survive

Release: The survival building game will be released on Steam on February 22, 2024 in Early Access, as has now been announced on X (formerly Twitter). However, this phase will only last for a short time, with version 1.0 being targeted after just three months

Development studio: The game is being developed by German studio Walking Tree Games and will be their first title. The role of publisher will be taken on by Starbreeze Entertainment, the makers of Payday 3.

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