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Lightyears from Home wants to create a survival world that could hardly seem more realistic

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A survival game in Unreal Engine 5 with role-playing elements and a lot of attention to detail: We introduce you to Lightyears from Home.

Single player, Unreal Engine 5, survival: Lightyears from Home confidently covers a bunch of buzzwords that usually go down well with many GlobalESportNews readers. In addition, the developers around composer Denny Schneidemesser set their own impulses.

First and foremost, however, the extremely realistic, picturesque view of the game world catches the eye.

Although Lightyears from Home is still in a relatively early stage of development, we have already been able to dig up some exciting information. And of course we’ll show you what we’re talking about here!

This is what Lightyears from Home looks like

The almost photorealistic and atmospheric look of the game world of Lightyears from Home was shown in a first trailer back in 2021. Let that sink in before we show you why the final product is likely to go one better:

You might notice: Lightyears from Home doesn’t really pass for a retro pixel game. However, you won’t see the end of the graphical line here either, since the game has been transferred to the new Unreal Engine 5 in the meantime.

On Twitter, the developers show what nice weather and temperature effects are now possible – also thanks to UE5:

What is Lightyears from Home about?

Classic survival food meets exotic spices: Lightyears from Home is supposed to be about survival on alien planets and travelling with your own spaceship, but also about an emotional narrative. In addition, unfamiliar ingredients find their way into the recipe.

Story in focus: The lonely protagonist Sam J. Maxwell is looking for someone who has been missing for a long time. This can be gathered from the (Steam) description of the survival game. So the engineer flies around in an alien galaxy and visits different planets. And so far they can really be seen:

Survival is the name of the game here: Players must not only stand their ground against wild alien fauna, but also against dangerous weather conditions such as the icy cold shown above. By the way, the temperature is also supposed to vary depending on the time of day and night.

Metroidvania role-playing game: Crafting and co. play an important role, as is typical for the genre. In addition, exploring the galaxy in the style of a Metroidvania is anchored in the concept. And there is also a role-playing game in it! A helpful alien creature called Monty helps you to develop further. It reminds you of a cat, by the way.

Similar to Green Hell or Subnautica, the story of Lightyears from Home will guide you through the game. At the same time, open game worlds and exploration are on the feature list, although the Metroidvania approach might make certain areas inaccessible for a certain time.

What else to know

A release date for Lightyears of Home has not yet been set on Steam. However, the developer has always talked about early versions so far. So you shouldn’t necessarily expect the survival game tomorrow.

What do you think of Lightyears from Home? Does a single-player survival game with a story focus and an appealing game world meet your taste? Let us know what you think in the comments


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