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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Lies of P: Two new videos about combat & weapons

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The release of Lies of P is within reach. With two new gameplay videos, developer Neowiz wants to draw attention to the combat features of the game. What exactly the videos show, we reveal to you in the overview.

A special gameplay feature of Lies of P lies in the combination of different grips and bladesto create the optimal weapon for your fighting style. Neowiz shows us some of these combinations in the first gameplay video.

It becomes clear from some examples that blades with properties like fire damage can trigger special conditions in enemies. On the other hand, grips seem to affect the speed of the attack. It is possible that they give additional bonuses to strength.

Since the user interface is hidden, we can only make assumptions.

The second gameplay video focuses on the various mechanical arms you can equip in Lies of P. These can be used as additional defense, such as the shield arm Aegis shows. Or you can equip additional attack methods such as the Falcon Eyes , which shoots fireballs at enemies.

Lies of P gives you the freedom to combine composite weapons and mechanical arms in such a way that you can experiment with different fighting styles. As the gameplay videos show, it also seems not inadvisable to use different weapon combinations for different enemy types. But that’s also up to you.

On September19 the Souls-like Lies of P will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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