In the Steam Summer Sale, 5 role-playing games are discounted that we have never recommended to you before


You want some real insider tips? We’ve picked out five great role-playing games in the Steam Sale that we’ve (almost) never talked about

From today’s perspective, it’s hard to say what mankind invented first – the wheel or the Steam Sale – but the fact is: we’ve already recommended a whole host of role-playing games that were heavily discounted at some point on Steam, GOG or elsewhere. That’s why today we’re taking on a challenge like the TikTok crowd! We’re recommending games that we’ve never highlighted in an article before

Because there are now so many insider tips for role-playing games on Steam that you hardly ever hear about in the mainstream. Time for that to change

1. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante

  • Subgenre: Text role-playing game
  • Release: March 4, 2021
  • Price & discount: 8 euros (60 percent discount)

    The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante revives an almost 50-year-old subgenre: the text adventure or text role-playing game. You follow the fate of the eponymous Sir Brante from childhood to the end of his life; and of course you decide for yourself which path the sprightly squire should take.

    The role-playing game takes place in an early modern setting and uses all kinds of role-playing values in the background, but ultimately it is primarily about making the right or wrong decisions. This not only increases the replay value of Sir Brante enormously, but also makes the experience incredibly vivid in your mind. You just need to bring a little imagination with you, because of course most of the action takes place in text form.

    Here’s the Steam offer from Sir Brante

    2. Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga

    • Subgenre: Strategy role-playing game
    • Release: June 10, 2022
    • Price & discount: 10 euros (50 percent)

      The generic title makes Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga sound like the RPG maker project of a 14-year-old, but behind it lies a really cool strategy role-playing game in the vein of Fire Emblem. In a fantasy scenario, you raise your own army, but unlike in Fire Emblem, you control entire squads that you staff with individual characters, who in turn level up and, and, and.

      So you lead your troops step by step against enemy challengers and counter soldiers with archers, archers with cavalry, tear down fortresses and so on. If you like Fire Emblem, Symphony of War is a fun PC counterpart at a low price.

      Here’s the Steam offer for Symphony of War

      3. Live a Live

      • Subgenre: JRPG
      • Release: April 27, 2023
      • Price & discount: 25 euros (50 percent)

        Sometimes it takes a while to get to the happy ending – in the case of Live a Live, a whole 30 years! For over three decades, this role-playing gem existed exclusively for the Japanese Super Famicom (the Japanese Super Nintendo, so to speak). It wasn’t translated for the Western market until 2023, but in the form of a remake in the 2.5 graphic style of Octopath Traveller and Triangle Strategy

        And even today, Live a Live still plays absolutely unique. You don’t just play one character, but seven – and unlike in Octopath Traveller, you play across different eras. Sometimes in the Stone Age, sometimes in the Wild West, sometimes in Japan in the Edo era – and at the very end, perhaps all paths will somehow converge

        Here’s the Steam offer for Live a Live

        4. Geneforge 1 – Mutagen

        • Subgenre: Oldschool role-playing game
        • Release: February 24, 2021
        • Price & discount: 7 euros (60 percent discount)

            Geneforge originates from a time when classic PC role-playing games were rarer than a promise kept by Peter Molyneux. While the rest of the gaming world in the early 2000s favored fancier genres, indie developer Spiderweb remained true to the legacy of Baldur’s Gate. And still does to this day.

            Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is the 2021 remake of the first Geneforge, even ifRemakein this case means above all: It runs on modern systems. In pretty much every other respect, Geneforge remains as oldschool as possible. You control your hero squad from an isometric top-down view across a mysterious island, read through excitingly written dialogs and fight your way through turn-based battles.

            The special feature of Geneforge: You play a so-called Shaper, a Pokémon trainer who summons his own creatures and sends them into battle. Your hero squad is therefore not made up of mages, warriors and bards, but of summoned dinosaurs and other creatures that smash heads for you. Geneforge is worth playing precisely because of the excellent story and variety of decisions. There are dozens of possible endings, and you can play through the entire adventure without a single battle

            Here’s the Steam offer for Geneforge 1 – Mutagen

            5th Front Mission 1st Remake

            • Subgenre: Strategy role-playing game
            • Release: June 30, 2023
            • Price & discount: 17 euros (50 percent)

              Bipedal robots have many names. Mechs, Mechas, Walkers – but Front Mission 1st Remake has the absolute worst name, because the fighting machines are simply called Wanzers. The Japanese mishmash ofWalking Panzermay only sound like a kitchen plague to German ears, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving this strategy role-playing game a chance anyway.

              Because Front Mission 1st is basically Fire Emblem with mechs. You become embroiled in a war between two factions, recruit new pilots, equip your battle machines with all kinds of weaponry down to the last detail and then blast your way through more than a dozen challenging missions.

              The remake massively improves the graphics of the SNES original, but Front Mission plays quite old-fashioned overall, especially in the menu navigation. Still worth a recommendation for little money

              Here’s the Steam offer for Front Mission 1st – Remake

              So much for our recommendations. If you know of any other unknown role-playing games or other Steam recommendations, please let us know in the comments so that everyone can benefit. By the way, the Steam Sale runs until July 11, 2024, so you still have quite a while to think carefully about your purchases.