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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How cheaters completely destroyed a new game!

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Just a few days after its release, the survival shooter “Dysterra” had to be reset. Cheaters were messing up the game.

The new survival shooter “Dysterra” only entered Early Access on Steam on 23 November. Only a few days later, the servers had to be rolled back. The reason: cheaters.

After several closed beta phases, the new sci-fi shooter by South Korean publisher Kakao Games is available on Steam. However, it is still in Early Access.

Players who bought the survival title right at the beginning received shocking news just a few days later when they logged in: their entire progress was reset. Because within just two days, the game was so flooded with cheaters that the developer MagiQ saw no other way out.

Collapse of the economy

The game is based on the collection of resources and an independent economy behind them. For in Dysterra everything revolves around the energy source Terrasite, which is discovered on Earth in the distant future. However, greedy people have penetrated too far into the earth’s core in their search for the material and so the so-called “terra fire” threatens humanity.

So the gameplay is based on gathering building materials, food and technology to survive. However, the cheaters severely upset the balance of resources through their intervention. Therefore, the developer was forced to reset the progress of all players.

Serious words to the community

Serious words to the community

The developer apologised in a (post on Steam) for this inconvenience and promised to strengthen anti-cheat measures and minimise the damage from cheaters in the future.

In addition, players were warned (on the forum against) collaborating with cheaters or sharing a supply crate with them. Anyone who collaborated with and profited from users of banned programs would also be banned

Since Dysterra has a strong focus on collaboration, players should keep an extra vigilant eye and report suspicious activity immediately.


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