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Helldivers 2: Lead developer personally delivers teaser for new (Predator-style alien race)

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Arrowhead’s CEO continues to drop hints about a new enemy faction, which could be based on the famous sci-fi franchise

While the dust is slowly settling on Helldivers 2 after the PSN debacle, developer Arrowhead Game Studios is already busy hinting at future content.

Once again, it’s about a potential new enemy of the over-earth, which could have similarities to the alien race Predator, which made its first screen appearance in the 1987 film of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Collaboration or original creation?

The clue comes from studio boss Johan Pilestedt, who answered a fan’s question on X, formerly Twitter. The fan wanted to know whether crossovers like in Fortnite are planned as separate events with themed rewards.

In response to the suggestion of “Predator” as a possible event, Pilestedt replied: “Imagine there was a Predator-like alien species in the Helldivers universe that had been banished from the galaxy and wanted revenge!” What exactly does that mean? When asked if he was announcing a new faction, Pilestedt jokingly replies that he would never do such a thing. Another user wants to know whether he is referring to the Illuminate. But the studio boss also evades this question with a joke.

It is very likely that the Illuminate will be the next faction in the game. Dataminers have already discovered numerous details and first images of the new opponent.

The tech-savvy species was defeated and driven out by the players in Helldivers 1 So this aspect fits in well with Pilestedt’s reference to the “vengeful exiles”  

While the Illuminati are able to disguise, they otherwise have rather few similarities with the Predator race. Whether this allusion refers to the Illuminate or to a completely new faction is currently unclear.

The event question originated in a Star Wars mod for Helldivers 2. You can find out all about the fan-created collaboration in the article linked above.

What would you think of a Predator event? Or are they even suitable as a role model for a new faction? What other crossovers could you imagine? Feel free to let us know in the comments

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