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Helldivers 2 gets (constantly new enemies, mission objectives and more) – and always for free

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There is an in-game store, but the developers guarantee free gameplay updates for the co-op shooter

Helldivers 2 is almost here and will be supplied with new content permanently and at no additional cost after release – that’s the promise of a spokesperson from developer studio Arrowhead.

In response to a fan’s question on the Helldivers Discord about DLC content and whether there will be new planets and enemies, business head Johan Pilestedt replied as follows:

Oh yes! We are constantly adding new things. There will be new enemies, mission objectives, biomes and so on. And they will always be free and enhance the game experience

Fans have been speculating for some time whether the third faction from the first Helldivers would be added to the two already confirmed enemy alien species – this now seems increasingly likely. Here you can see the nasty monsters in an extensive gameplay presentation:

The Terminids (the bugs from Starship Troopers) and Automatons (a kind of cyborg race with a Terminator look) will be included at launch. The predecessor also featured the high-tech Illuminates.

Helldivers 2 simulates a kind of persistent community war against these hostile parties: each co-op mission shifts the front lines and takes the battle to new sectors of the galaxy. The developers can even actively intervene and trigger special events

Ingame store coming

The makers of Helldivers 2 are financing the supply of free content with a real money store and a battle pass system called war bonds

In both cases, Super Credits are used: This currency can either be purchased for real money or obtained through gameplay in the missions. Details can be found on the Steam page, here is a brief summary of the most important facts:

You can primarily buy two things for Super Credits:

  • Armor, helmets and other outfit parts directly in the store (purely cosmetic, no advantages)
  • War Bonds, which function roughly like a Battle Pass (see below)

War Bonds contain several pages with new items and equipment, which can be unlocked in any order with medals. Real money is of no use here: medals are only awarded for completed combat missions

In contrast to the usual Battle Pass model with an “expiration date”, war bonds will not be limited in time and then disappear, but will remain permanently.

The developers emphasize that they want to counteract “FOMO”, i.e. the fear of missing out on something. Helldivers 2 will be released on February 8 at 10am for PS5 and PC via Steam.

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