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Ghost Recon’s legacy: This tactical shooter puts realism to the test like no other game

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Realistic military shooters abound. But only a few treat the subject like Direct Contact.

Grim tactical shooters with realistic scenarios now come in all colours and sizes. Those who want to play war will find a wide range of scenarios and orientations, from Squad to Insurgency to Hell Let Loose. Those who prefer police can go on the hunt for criminals in Ready or Not. To name just a few prominent examples.

Direct Contact now wants to mix a few of these proven virtues in a special way. Players are to carry out covert operations and can make the handcuffs click in addition to the shooting iron. Direct Contact is thus intended to please fans of the old Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six spin-offs in particular.

By the way, Direct Contact uses the Unreal Engine 5, as the developers announced on (Patreon). There it also becomes clear how extremely realistic the tactical shooter will be. We present the future game to you!

This is what Direct Contact is all about

In Direct Contact you will be able to play alone as well as with co-op colleagues and in PvP. For solo and co-op friends, there will be a campaign and different scenarios to choose from. Material shown so far points to Afghanistan as the location, and screenshots also show what looks like American suburbia.

As a member of a black ops unit, tactics and stealth are at the top of the agenda, not wild shooting. Similar to the SWAT shooter Ready or Not, you can capture and interrogate enemy combatants to learn more about your mission objective. In addition, uninvolved civilians are said to be on the move in the combat zones.

YouTuber Bluedrake42 shows a few minutes of gameplay scenes from Direct Contact:

As in Ready or Not, there are supposed to be so-called Rules of Engagement, i.e. prerequisites that have to be fulfilled before the use of lethal weapons is legitimised. Simply shooting at everything that moves is not a valid option in Direct Contact. First you have to learn to distinguish friend from foe.

Once this has been clarified, you should be able to make use of the entire tactical spectrum of modern military shooters in order to achieve your mission objectives. This includes modifiable weapons as well as support such as air strikes and a helicopter minigun.

Special attention will be paid to the enemy AI, which will communicate with each other to spy on your positions, encircle you and make life difficult for you.

When the heat is on and the blue beans are flying, a physics system also requires special caution. Depending on the material, bullets are supposed to bounce off walls and become ricochets, potentially endangering you and innocent civilians. Calculated ballistics are also supposed to be part of the realism package in Direct Contact.

On YouTube, the developers regularly give information about the state of affairs in developer diaries:

Release still open

The developers declare on Patreon that Direct Contact should be released on Steam in Early Access. When this will happen, however, remains unclear for the time being. Currently, the game is still in a pre-alpha version.

What do you think of the tactical shooter? Could Direct Contact be to your taste? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments!


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