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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Free at Epic: Who is the new free game worth it for?

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The Epic Store is offering Among the Sleep for free this week. We clarify who the horror game with a toddler protagonist might inspire.

Our youth is inexorably slipping through the great hourglass, but one constant seems to remain: Every week, the Epic Store gives away at least one game. And this time you get to be a kid again, at least virtually! In Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, you’ll be creeped out from the unusual first-person perspective of a two-year-old boy looking for his mother.

The promotion runs from 21 to 28 October 2021 at 17:00
As usual, you get to keep Among the Sleep permanently if you add it to your game library during this period. You’ll need an Epic account to secure free games.

But lifetime is precious, remember the hourglass? So we’re here to help, with a compact summary of what Among the Sleep is all about, and who might really enjoy (and dread!) it.

This is what Among the Sleep is all about

The Epic Store is giving away Among the Sleep in the 2017 Enhanced Edition, so you get a newer version of the game with improved graphics. The game was originally released back in 2014.

But the premise remains the same in the new edition: through the eyes of a two-year-old boy, the world looks big and menacing, and a wardrobe full of coats and ties quickly becomes a sinister maze. A distorted first-person view contributes to making you feel small and lost as a player.

In the short story of Among the Sleep, your mother has suddenly disappeared, leaving only your faithful teddy bear to keep you company. At least he lights up dark areas when you hold him close. Nevertheless, the short journey of the toddler protagonist scores with many atmospheric scary and frightening moments.

Small puzzles spice up the formula and demand brains. Really little brains, as the developers have oriented their design more towards the intellect of a toddler. So don’t expect any head-scratchers, but at most a short interruption here and there from the exploring and scaring.

The picture gallery gives you a first impression of Among the Sleep:

Suitable for whom?
Among the Sleep is a very special pair of children’s shoes. You are defenceless, tiny and completely on your own. You have to be able to get involved with that, after all, the concept is a harsh contrast to the power fantasy otherwise often portrayed in games. However, this could also be an attraction for players who like to experiment.

However, you should not expect too much gameplay here: fast gamers will be through in two hours, and Among the Sleep offers no real replay value. Nevertheless, the game could be interesting for horror fans who want to experience an unusual setting.

The trailer offers fewer words and more pictures:

Are you convinced?

(Find the free game in the Epic Store)

On (Metacritic), the original version of Among the Sleep achieves only mixed press ratings. From a total of 40 publications, the average is 66 points.

Steam players, on the other hand, rate the Enhanced Edition (given away by Epic) mostly positively. With 87 percent thumbs up, Among the Sleep achieves a very positive review average on Steam.

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