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Free at Epic: This week you can get one of the world’s most popular simulators for free

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Epic is currently throwing top-class game gifts around. Today’s free game should make farming fans in particular really happy

May rain brings blessings, at least that’s the old farmer’s saying. And if this old rule of thumb is true, then the summer should definitely bring a rich harvest – because it has certainly rained enough in May

You can also reap a rich harvest in the Epic Games Store at the moment.As every week, you can pick up a new free game there. This week: TheFarming Simulator 2022.

How long does the promotion run?

But before we get to the content strengths of this simulation heavyweight, a quick reminder: The promotion is limited in time. You can still get Farming Simulator 22 for free until next Thursday, May 30 at 5 p.m.

(Go directly to Epic)

What does Farming Simulator offer?

LS 22 lets you manage your own farm as a farmer and expand it piece by piece. You plow your fields, breed animals and grow different types of vegetables as the seasons change.

So that you don’t have to do all the work by hand, Farming Simulator provides you with a wide range of state-of-the-art agricultural machinery to make life on the farm easier. LS22 comes up trumps with numerous licenses: Because most of these models arevirtual replicas of original vehicles from manufacturers such as Deutz, Case and Krone

The economic aspect also plays a role in the simulator To successfully expand your farm, you need to generate income and sell your harvest at a profit. To ensure that the whole thing doesn’t become too small-scale and complicated, the individual work steps are designed in a sensible way. You can also choose from three different levels of difficulty

Our verdict at the time was: “Consistent further development of the timeless basic idea. Better than ever before thanks to seasons, production chains and a detailed fleet of vehicles.” If you want to find out more, thentake a look at our test video, which you can find embedded above

By the way: We have written a whole series of detailed guides for you on GameStar.de about Farming Simulator. If you want to become a really efficient hobby farmer, then take a look right now. We have linked some of them in the info box above:

What do you think of the latest free game? Will you be checking out Farming Simulator 2022, or are you less enthusiastic about simulations? Let us know in the comments below

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