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Flirting with murderers: Dead by Daylight”s bizarre dating sim has suddenly appeared on Steam

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If you”ve ever thought that the cold-blooded pursuer behind you in Dead by Daylight is actually really cute, then Hooked on You is just the title for you.

Dead by Daylight is probably one of the last games in which romantic feelings normally arise. In the asymmetrical multiplayer you are pursued by murderous maniacs who want to get at your throat. But even supernatural maniacs have feelings: you can explore them in the new dating sim Hooked on You – today. 

The unusual game was surprisingly released on Steam on 3 August We already knew that the game was being worked on since May. There, only a release in the summer of this year was targeted, an exact release date was not given. 

What exactly is Hooked on You?

The core of the game is a classic dating simulation – only you don”t flirt with sympathetic characters, but with four bloodthirsty murderers from the Dead by Daylight universe. They include Wraith, Trapper, Huntress and Spirit.

Whom you give your heart to without them literally ripping it out is up to you. If you mess up with your potential lovers, the dream of true love will quickly turn into a nightmare. To get a first impression, you can watch the trailer here:

As you”ve probably noticed, the location is not a spooky, dark place, but a sunny dream island. Your dates have also dressed up for the occasion – or rather, they have shed their shells. The new beachwear is a little more revealing than the outfits from Dead by Daylight. But see for yourself:

How much does the fun cost?

Hooked on You is available on Steam for 10 euros. According to Steam reviews, the first players are also enthusiastic: of around one thousand reviews, 90 percent are positive so far. And that”s despite the fact that dating simulations – whether whimsical or not – often have a bad reputation.

What do you think of Dead by Daylights Hooked on You? Do you like the offbeat idea or do you think the dating sim is unnecessary? Also, the important question: Would you like to see the villains” clothes as skins in Dead by Daylight? Write it down in the comments!


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