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Fallout: The series from Amazon shows first images and reveals new information about the story

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After images from the set of the series have been leaked several times, Amazon is showing official images for the first time. You can already discover these details there

The Fallout series from the Westworld creators will start next spring, on April 12, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. Now, for the first time, we can see official footage from the production. Images from the set were previously leaked, but now we’re getting a taste of what the series will ultimately look like on our TVs at home

What is there to see?

A total of eight images have been released. Among other things, we see a Vault resident named Lucy played by Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets), as well as Walton Goggins’ (Ant-Man and the Wasp) character who has become a ghoul due to radioactive radiation.

In addition, the images also show several soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel in the iconic power armor of the Fallout series. The Brotherhood apparently plays a larger role in the series, and one of their giant airships can also be seen, which is strongly reminiscent of Fallout 4.

It’s pretty obvious from the pictures how much the series is visually based on Bethesda’s games. Not only is the power armor pretty much the same design we see in Fallout 4, but the image of Ella Purnell’s character entering a settlement may also bring back memories of Diamond City for some fans

In fact, the series is supposed to tell its own story and be set in Los Angeles, not Boston. In a (article from Vanity Fair) and in Amazon’s press release, more details about the story are revealed.

New story details

The series is set 219 years after the outbreak of a nuclear war that almost destroyed the entire world. Lucy, who has spent her entire life in the nuclear bunker Vault 33 is forced by a crisis to leave the Vault and go on a rescue mission.

Exploring the wasteland is initially quite a culture shock for the Vault resident, who has grown up in safety and relative prosperity. Director Jonathan Nolan summarizes that the series follows her collision with the brutal reality of other people and what happened to the people who were left to die [on the surface].

(Maximus (right) is only a squire in the Brotherhood of Steel, who is not yet allowed to wear power armor.)
(Maximus (right) is only a squire in the Brotherhood of Steel, who is not yet allowed to wear power armor.)

On her journey, Lucy meets a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel named Maximus (Aaron Moten) and a bounty hunter (Walton Goggins), known only as The Ghoul among others. There is also a brief characterization of the most important figures:

  • Ella Purnell plays “Lucy “ Lucy is an optimistic resident of the Vault with a typical American can-do spirit. Her peaceful and idealistic nature is put to the test when people harm her loved ones.
  • Aaron Moten plays “Maximus “ A young soldier hides his tragic past while serving in a militaristic faction called the Brotherhood of Steel. He believes in the nobility of the Brotherhood’s mission to bring law and order to the wasteland – and will do anything to further their goals.
  • Walton Goggins plays “The Ghoul “ The Ghoul survives the wasteland as a bounty hunter. He is pragmatic, ruthless and hides a mysterious past.
  • Kyle MacLaughlin plays “Overseer Hank “ Hank is the Overseer of Vault 33 and Lucy’s father. He is intent on changing the world for the better.

The black humor and ironic undertones familiar from the games will be retained in the series. The series will also become an official part of the Fallout lore. Todd Howard and Bethesda have ensured that the story of the series can coexist with the games

How do you like the first images from the Fallout series? Are you pleased that the style of the games from Bethesda is at least strongly oriented towards them? And do you think it’s good that we’ll be experiencing the story of a Vault dweller again? Or would you have liked something completely different for the series? Let us know in the comments!

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