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Epic’s new gaming gift sends you on a sci-fi adventure to Mars

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This week, Epic is giving away a free space adventure game that was just released this year

Update from November 30, 08:20 a.m.: Thursday morning and the GlobalESportNews alarm clock is ringing. You still have a few hours to grab the latest free game of the week from the Epic Games Store: Deliver Us Mars is free until 4:59 pm today, after which the offer changes as it does every week.

Original message: It’s Thursday again and you know what that means: There’s a new free game up for grabs in the Epic Games Store! This week, sci-fi fans in particular will get their money’s worth, because you’re being given a captivating Mars adventure

Free with Epic: Deliver Us Mars

(Genre: Adventure – Developer: Keoken Interactive – Get & keep for free until: November 30 (to the game in the Epic Games Store)

Deliver Us The Moon, the predecessor to Deliver Us Mars, captured the hearts of sci-fi fans in 2019. The sequel continues this exciting journey and takes you on a thrilling and emotional space odyssey.

In this adventure game, you take on the role of Kathy Johanson, a courageous astronaut and engineer. Her mission: to retrieve the stolen ARCHE colony ships, which are crucial for the survival of mankind. The adventure takes you to Mars, where you will not only face the technical challenges of space travel, but also the protagonist’s deep emotional conflicts.

Gameplay is a combination of puzzles and exploration: Deliver Us Mars confronts you with logic and environmental puzzles and requires skill in the more action-heavy climbing sequences. At the same time, a story unfolds that focuses on themes such as family, loss and the desperate search for answers

Now it’s up to you: Deliver Us Mars was only released in 2023. But have you already played it and can recommend it to other readers? Perhaps you even have some tips for budding Mars explorers? Then scroll down, hit the keys and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments section!


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