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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Epic is now giving away a single-player action game that has long been celebrated on Steam

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This week you get a Metroidvania secret tip for free, which has received a whopping 96 percent positive reviews on Steam

A new Thursday means a new game gift from Epic! This week you’ll be traveling to the floating islands of the Metroidvania insider tip Islets, which has already earned a whopping 96 percent positive rating from Steam players.

Free at Epic: Islets

(Genre: Metroidvania – Developer: Kyle Thompson – Get & keep free until: April 4 (Epic Games Store)


The 2D platformer Islets takes you to a world that has been fragmented into individual floating islands by a major conflict. Your task is to reunite these worlds by restoring the connecting energy source. On your journey, you will meet a variety of characters, solve puzzles and fight enemies to bring the islands closer together.

The story is presented with a charming, hand-drawn art style and a touching narrative that will keep you enthralled for several hours. The battles are challenging but fair and the puzzles are thought-provoking without being frustrating.

(For download in the Epic Store )

The (reactions from players on Steam) are overwhelmingly positive, with 96 percent of reviews recommending the game:

A game so full of charm, love and passion that you can’t help but sink into it. I played through it in 10 hours and had a great time the whole time. Fantastic work by the developer. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


Don’t be fooled by the cute graphics – Islets is a full-on Metroidvania that can really kick your butt, especially on the hardest difficulty level. It contains a little too many bullet hell elements for my liking, but I still had a lot of fun with it. It was a pleasure to get all the achievements.


This game is great. I was looking for a game like Hollow Knight, but this one is much lighter and easier to play. The story is great too!


Now it’s your turn: Have you already explored Islets and can you agree with the praise from the Steam community? Or has your interest been piqued and you want to at least take a look? As always, we look forward to your opinions and discussions in the comments section below:


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