Elden Ring: Modder finds secret DLC dungeon that didn’t make it into the game


A modder has discovered a complete dungeon in the game files – but why was it cut in the first place?

Shadow of the Erdtreeis a truly huge DLC and is one of the best expansions a game has ever received. However, as is so often the case, we only get to see the final product. Often, content or features are first planned during development and then canceled again.

It is possible that this fate has also befallen an entire dungeon,which never made it into the game While exploring the game files of Elden Ring, modder Grimrukh came across a nameless dungeon that does not exist in the game. YouTuber Sekiro Dubi showsthe complete dungeonin his video:

What kind of dungeon is this?

Apparently it’s a rather small dungeon. At least Sekiro Dubi can traverse the entire cave in just a few minutes and finally reaches an altar at the end, which was probably supposed to spit out a reward of some kind

Based on the enemies and the general atmosphere in the dungeon, it seems to be a fourth forge These forges are new mini-dungeons in Shadow of the Erdtree, of which you can find three in total throughout the game

The dungeon hidden in the files also seems to belong to this type of dungeon. There are usually valuable resources such as forging materials to be discovered here, but in the obviously unfinished dungeon there is no trace of them. At least the typicallava slimes and stone golemscan be found here.

Why is the dungeon missing?

It is not known why the dungeon does not appear in the finished game. However, speculation is naturally rife. It may well be that the dungeondoesn’t meet the standardsthat the team had for their dungeons – at the very least, the dungeon’s structure seems comparatively banal and even relies on a small hopping interlude over the lava lake.

Others are more likely to assume that itis a test environmentin other words, a template for the Forge. In other words, a template for the forge, which should already show roughly what atmosphere prevails in these new dungeons. According to the modder and the YouTuber, the files do not provide any answers as to what the dungeon was intended for. It has no name and there is no indication of where in the world it should have been placed

What do you think? What reasons did Fromsoftware have for building this dungeon and then hiding it? Let us know in the comments