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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Cult of the Lamb: These are your opponents

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In Cult of the Lamb, you don’t just have to keep your own cult going. You must also go into battle against your enemies, the four bishops. Who they are and how you can prepare for the battle against them is revealed in the new trailer.

It’s not easy being the leading sheep of a cult. Apart from organising, taking care of the members and spreading the true word, you also have to deal with cheeky cult opponents. Fortunately, you have a few aces up your sleeve to counter them. For example, you can collect melee weapons like swords, axes and daggers to counter smaller enemies. You can also choose from Clauneck Tarot cards that give you extra strength. Last but not least, the world of Cult of the Lamb consists of four lands. You can search these for resources and new cultists, which will give you additional strength.

These four lands, however, are guarded by the four bishops, the great adversaries of Cult of the Lamb. Leshy is the youngest of the four and resides in Darkwood. Heket is the harbinger of hunger and resides in Anura. Pestilence and pestilence are the aspects of Kalamar who rules in Anchordeep. If you want to find the oldest of the four bishops, look for the wise Shamura in Silk Cradlenach. Defeat these four and you can finally free the One Who Waits and rain down his power on the world.

Cult of the Lamb will be released on August 11 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders can be placed on the (official website)


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