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Warzone is on everyone’s lips again with the release of Season 4 in Call of Duty. Now a bug has appeared, which adds three weapons to your inventory at once.

In the Battle Royale mode of CoD things are really hot. You can’t always find your two best weapons on the map and two weapons aren’t enough for all situations.

Now there seems to be a bug that allows you to carry three weapons at once. The CoD-YouTuber Silent Nine has discovered this. The bug allows to carry another weapon besides sniper and an AR.

The glitch can be used in solo and requires that you create a custom loadout via Riot Shield before loading into the match. You then have to find an ATV (vehicle in the game) on the map and can take the three weapons.

This should also work with a helicopter, although the ATV is easier to find.

Then you have to find a Loadout Drop or for example buy one yourself and select the previously set Riot Shield Loadout. Drive the ATV close enough to the Loadout, look at the dropped weapons and change the seat.

Jump off the vehicle, but then you should have three weapon slots open.

This mistake will most likely be fixed quickly by the developer, but is currently still a good mechanic to defeat your opponents.


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