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Initially praised for the good gameplay, few bugs and above all no cheaters, the current developments in Call of Duty:Warzone point in another direction.

In the last two days, reports about cheaters in Warzone have multiplied exponentially. While at the launch of the game there seemed to be no lobby where people were playing unfairly, now a large part of the matches seems to be affected.

Also tournaments are affected
At “Warzone Wednesday”, an event organized by Youtuber KEEMSTAR, there were also several incidents. The tournament is about getting the most eliminations within two rounds of Warzone.

Annoying only when a whole squad is killed by cheaters in one of the rounds. This happened for example to the team around ProSyndicate, who lost the semi-finals because of this.

Developer wants to address the problems
The Studio Infinity Ward (IW) is already aware of the problems. In an official statement they explain their measures to contain the cheater epidemic.

But that’s not enough for many people: According to 100Thieves player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, it is absolutely not enough to have reported cases checked manually.

And he’s right: According to IW’s statement, the developers always check cases themselves. For a game with such a large player base, however, another solution has to be found that already searches for cheats on the client side.

Other Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG offer similar approaches: Services like Easy Anti-Cheat or Battleye check the code directly on the players’ computers. If IW does not get the problems under control, cheating could send the player base back to the competitors.


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