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Infinity Ward brings weekly playlist updates for Warzone and Modern Warfare to keep the game fresh. This time old favorites are coming back.

Every week the playlists in the current Call of Duty will be changed to give players a change of pace. There are also new modes from time to time, which will be a new challenge for everyone.

This week some of the most popular game modes are coming back in Warzone and Modern Warfare. Warzone Rumble Mode is waiting for you, with teams of 50 players competing in a huge deathmatch on Verdansk.

In addition, the alternate Loot mode allows you to jump back into the game in a threesome and make a lot of ashes.

In Modern Warfare the 24/7 playlist this time changes to Shoot House and the new Cheshire Park. Eight against eight players will play there instead of the usual six against six.

You can also expect a party moshpit with Free for All variations such as One in the Run, All or Nothing and Weapons Play. These are usually very entertaining and a nice change from the standard modes.

New in the shop
Apart from the changing modes there are also new packages available in the shop. The “Hydra Slayer” bundle comes with a new variant for the Holger-26 and the MP5, which combine black and bronze patterns in baroque style.

Operator Syd also gets a new skin, which you can buy together in the bundle with a new blueprint, a clock and some more.

Besides all the new content, one of them will also remain: The 2v2 tournaments are still playable next week. There you can register with a friend and play for the top prizes. The winning team gets an exclusive blueprint for the M4.


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