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In Call of Duty: Warzone you can do more than just shoot to bring your opponents down. You can see which clips have caused the most uproar in the community here.

Ninja gets angry
When Ninja, one of the world’s most famous streamers and professional Call of Duty players like Matt “Nadeshot” Haag play Warzone together, you can expect a lot. However, most of the spectators did not expect the match to degenerate like this.

DrDisrespect is disrespected
The well-known twitch personality DrDisrespect also plays the new CoD mode. With his high-spirited nature he collects many kills in most rounds and shows how to play Battle Royale properly. His thick sayings make the following clip even more fun than it would be in itself.

How to handle the vehicles
Unlike DrDisrespect, MickiePP, a streamer from Thailand, shows what you can do with the vehicles in Warzone. Using the vehicle to collect kills and distraction at the same time is definitely a new way to flatten enemy squads.

Fun and other emotions
The German streamer community is also playing a lot of warzone games. Elotrix shows in a match with Montanablack88 that sometimes things don’t work out the way you’d like them to.

Sniping with a thermal visor? Yes, please!
The American DrLupo shows impressively why the self-made classes in Warzone offer a gigantic advantage. With his HDR with thermal visor he takes a clean headshot against one of his opponents. But that’s not all: He recognizes an opponent through the trees at several hundred meters and kills him with a bullet that is easily two seconds away.

Attention in air traffic
Helicopters are the best means of transport in Warzone. Actually. As you can see in the next clip, even in a helicopter, you should occasionally look at what presents are raining down from the sky.

Please use the marked escape routes
You know the situation: Your own loot is not the best and from somewhere far away the bullets fly around your head. What to do? Usually running and hiding to wait for your opportunity. DougisRaw proves that even this strategy can go wrong.


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