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The latest trend in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare are the Kali-Sticks. How do you play the new secondary weapon and what can it really do?

In the 4th season of CoD a new melee weapon was introduced for the first time. The new sticks bring variety to the game. They convince with their range and speed.

The Kali-Sticks are an unusual alternative that rivals the knife. The YouTube TheXclusiveAce took a closer look at both melee weapons:

In the video you can see that the Kali-Sticks are simply two bamboo sticks that you can equip as a secondary weapon. You do less damage than with a knife, so it takes two strikes to overwhelm your opponents.

You can use the two sticks to hit your enemies with the left and right mouse button. Two blows are quite a lot for close combat, you might think. However, the strength of the Kali Sticks lies in their speed and range:

– Speed for 2nd blow = 500ms
– Distance to opponent = 1,6m

Kali sticks:
– Speed for 2nd blow = 300ms
– Distance to opponent = 3m

The values speak for themselves. Another advantage is the speed of movement with the sticks. It is 1.5% higher than with the knife, which means you move faster than with any other weapon. So if you can foresee the lower damage, the Kali-Sticks are highly recommended.

How can you play the Kali Sticks?
The Kali Sticks can be played for free. To unlock the wooden sticks, all you have to do is make 3 eliminations with your knife in 15 rounds while sliding.


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