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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Black Hawk Down in Unreal Engine 5: The new Delta Force also wants to score points in single player

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A new gameplay clip with impressive graphics should also get solo players excited about the new shooter

The new Delta Force: Hawk Ops is back with new gameplay scenes – and this time the focus is surprisingly on the single-player mode!

The scenes show some of the detailed levels from the campaign, which will be called Black Hawk Down. Connoisseurs of the 2001 film of the same name will immediately recognize the visual style:

Black Hawk Down is considered a classic – the war movie depicted the events of the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. It is also the basis for the game Delta Force: Black Hawk Down by Novalogic from 2003.

The aesthetics of that time are apparently set to return – in Unreal Engine 5: For the first time, the development studio behind Delta Force: Hawk Ops has confirmed that the latest Unreal graphics technology will be used in the shooter. And the new scenes prove it: It looks really good.

New Delta Force goes for the hat trick

Delta Force: Hawk Ops apparently wants to create a balancing act between different target groups with a wide range of modes

In addition to the Black Hawk Down single-player campaign, the following variants are included:

  • Hazard Operations: A co-op and extraction mode in the style of Escape from Tarkov or Hunt Showdown, in which squads of up to three players complete missions together.
  • Havoc Warfare: A classic multiplayer with two large teams and vehicles, which is strongly based on Battlefield and was presented in March 2024.

There is currently no fixed release date for Delta Force: Hawk Ops. However, the military shooter is to be released for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X and S as well as a mobile port for smartphones – albeit without the Black Hawk Down campaign. According to the manufacturer, a multiplayer beta will take place shortly

The game is being developed by the Timi Studio Group, a Chinese studio under the auspices of Tencent. The team most recently developed CoD Mobile, Age of Empires Mobile and Pokémon Unite.


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