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Big Nintendo Direct announced for September, these games could be featured

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The new edition is coming soon and it could bring us back an old Nintendo favourite. We have all the info on time and rumours for you

The Toads have been whistling it from the rooftops, now it’s actually happening: A new Nintendo Direct is coming and you don’t have to wait long at all. Let’s take a look at the date, time and potential games that will be shown.

But remember, as always, and we speak from personal experience: Don’t let your hype train speed over the tracks! If you’re expecting Mario Kart 9, the Switch 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Tingles New Adventures, you can only end up being disappointed.

So, let’s get started – here we go!

All info about the Nintendo Direct in September 2023

Let’s start with the info that is most relevant to you, namely the day, time and streaming option:

  • When will the Nintendo Direct take place? On 14 September at 4pm German time.
  • Where can you watch it? You can watch the Nintendo Direct as always (on the  YouTube channel).

Okay, now we finally have the annoying technicalities off the table. Let’s start speculating! Where do we start, let’s have a look at our registry. From A for Animal Crossing to Z for Zelda, you’ll find it all here.

Which games could be shown?

Of course, as always, we’re treading on completely unofficial territory here and can only rely on the usual leaks from people whose uncles and aunts work in the canteen at Nintendo.

What is being eagerly whispered about on the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom, is the return of Donkey Kong. This would even fit in with the zeitgeist, as the iconic monkey has been more popular than ever since the popular Super Mario Bros. cinema film.

Even possible remasters of Nintendo DS games are repeatedly being held out in prospect, although we are rather sceptical here. What makes us more optimistic, however, is the imminent release of the remaster of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

After the re-release of the first Metroid Prime was so well received earlier this year and part 4 has been in development for many years, the rest of the trilogy should also find its way to the Switch. According to rumours, however, the visual and gameplay retread will be significantly smaller than the first remaster.

What else? News of F-Zero has also surfaced in supposed leaks, as have the long overdue Switch ports of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Wait and see, and drink your mushroom broth!

So, done, out. We now have only one wish left and only you can grant it: Write us in the comments what expectations and hopes you have for the upcoming Nintendo Direct! What games are on your wish radar? We’re really looking forward to it, so get cracking!


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